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Healthy Schools – Criw Iachus

Welcome to our Healthy Schools Page! 

Trallwn Primary School was assessed in October 2019 for the National Quality Award for Healthy Schools, which is an award of excellence. We are the twelfth Primary School in Swansea to receive this award and we are very proud of all of the hard work, which we do in our School. The award recognises seven health topics which are covered throughout the school’s involvement in the scheme and each topic identifies important aspects of a whole school approach.

The seven key areas are:

  • Food and Fitness
  • Mental and Emotional Health and Well-Being
  • Personal Development and Relationships
  • Substance Use and Misuse
  • Environment (linked to Eco Schools)
  • Safety
  • Hygiene

Our Healthy Schools Co-ordinators are Mrs Banfield and Mrs Grey, and Mrs Meacham supports the Environment aspect of the scheme as part of Eco Schools.

Our Criw Iachus meet regularly to discuss our Healthy Schools action plans, topics and areas for improvement.

In June 2021, we were also awarded the Rights Respecting Schools Silver Rights Aware Award. The award reflects our hard work, dedication and successes in this area and shows good progress towards embedding children’s rights in the school’s policy, practice and ethos, as outlined in the RRSA Strands and Outcomes. Rights Respecting Schools embeds Healthy Schools ethos and values. You can see our rights mascot, Chloe the Crocodile, all around our school who highlights the different rights which our pupils learn about. There are four key areas of impact for children at a Rights Respecting school; well-being, participation, relationships and self-esteem. We believe the difference that a Rights Respecting School makes goes beyond the school gates, making a positive impact on the whole community. Our Rights Steering Group will now start working towards the final stage of the award over the next two years.  

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Thank you

Healthy Schools Team

Our Seven Core Areas: 

Food and Fitness

We run a number of clubs in school which promote food and fitness. We have hockey, football, rugby (contact and non-contact), gymnastics, fit club and lots of table top and games clubs. We have excellent links with the LC2, Ospreys rugby and our dance teacher Mr Franks.

We are committed to healthy eating and encourage all pupils to lead a healthy lifestyle. We do not use food as rewards or treats in school and believe that a balanced diet is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Please view our Food and Fitness Policy for further information.

Mental and Emotional Health and Well-Being

At Trallwn Primary School, well-being for all pupils, parents and staff is central to all that we do. We are committed to nurturing children and have nurture groups, Ace Place and Pivotal Behaviour strategies in place. In additional, staff are very well supported and have plenty of CPD Opportunities and we use our links with Team Around the Family to support our families.

Personal Development and Relationships

Our School is participating in the Swansea Healthy Schools Scheme and as part of the work we teach Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) across the whole school.

RSE is introduced to children in a variety of ways. We are currently developing a new Framework inline with the New Curriculum for Wales. We deliver lessons using Circle Time Activities, Story Books, Curriculum Subjects (such as Science and Religious Education), School Nurse Visits, Personal and Social Education Programmes and informally as opportunities arise in the classroom.

We have excellent links with our Community Nurses,  and other agencies to help and support the delivery of these lessons.

Please view our RSE Policy for further information.


We are committed to all aspects of Health and Hygiene in Trallwn Primary school and follow Welsh Government Guidelines in line with Covid-19. Our hygiene risk assessments are updated regularly in line with Government changes.

Our School Nurse delivers lessons to younger pupils regarding germs and hand-washing. Older pupils have lessons based on hygiene with the School Nurse. The subject is embedded through other aspects of the curriculum too, including PE lessons and Health and Well-Being.


We take Safety very seriously in our school. In fact, it is one of three key school rules: Ready, Respectful, Safe. All members of our school have a part to play in keeping us safe – children, staff, and parents. Staff all receive relevant training and provide suitable activities to promote different aspects of safety, such as Internet Safety, Road Safety, Food Safety, Stranger Danger, amongst others.

Substance Use and Mis-Use

Substance Use and Mis-Use is an important part of our curriculum. We learn about how certain medicines can help us, while other substances can be harmful. The School Nurse, St. John’s Ambulance and PC Underhill deliver a range of sessions to some of the older pupils, including The Benefits of Not Smoking and the dangers of drugs. The School Nurse and PC Underhill also deliver sessions to the younger pupils, based on keeping safe and healthy.

Health care plans are produced, and kept up-to-date for all children with long term medical needs. Teachers keep a copy of the plans and they are also shared with support staff and lunch time supervisors.

All staff keep up-to-date medical records for all children, therefore staff are aware of any medical problem and any medication that is needed. Serious medical issues, e.g. epilepsy, severe allergies, are printed on pink sheets, with a photo of the child and action needed. These are positioned throughout the school. Medication is stored in a lockable cupboard.

Please view the Child Protection Procedures, Health and Safety, Healthcare, PSE, and Safeguarding policies for further information.


Please view our Eco Schools page to see what we have been focusing on this year

The following websites are very useful:

guidance_on_infection_control_in-schools_poster healthy-snack-pre-school llyfryn-gwybodath-rhieni-english health-lunchbox