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Eco Council

Welcome to the Eco Council information page.

The Eco Council is made up of 2 pupils from year 2, 3, 4, 5  and 6. They meet regularly to discuss any Eco issues, the school action plan targets and any questions from the rest of the school. The Eco Schools Coordinator is Mrs Meacham but is currently being covered by Miss Horgan while Mrs Meacham is on maternity leave.

We have recently updated our Platinum Eco Award status, where we had to show how we have progressed along our Eco Schools journey since the beginning. We had to show development in the following areas: Transport, Energy, School Grounds, Keeping Healthy, Water, Global Citizenship, Recycling and Waste Minimisation. The improvement from when we first started the program to now is incredible and the children on the Eco council work really hard to ensure that standards remain high.


Whilst we have now received the highest award, we will not stop on our Eco journey and will continue to work towards improving and maintaining the work already done in all the 8 areas of the program. This year our big project will be trying to gain the Fair Aware Award as part of our whole school Spring term topic. 

The Eco Council were also part of the Healthy Schools NQA award, which we received a few years ago. 

This year we have been super busy already! The Eco council took part in the Queen’s Green Canopy scheme, where we met the Lord Lieutenant, the High Sheriff and the Lord Mayor of Swansea and planted a tree together. 

We have also worked with the Pupil Leadership Team to create a pupil friendly Humanities vision statement. We will continue to be very busy this term overseeing our Fair Aware topic and looking at trying to reduce our school energy consumption. 

Please look at the school website and school Twitter pages for information and news on what the Eco Council are getting up to.