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Vision and Values

Trallwn Primary School Vision 2021


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TPS vision revised summer 2021

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Vision Widgit

In the Summer Term of 2021, we worked as a whole school, face-to-face to revise our school vision in-line with the four purposes.  Our vision statement was written by the children, for the children. Our pupils play a big part in informing our curriculum design and in the life of our school, and they are proud of our school.

The CfW 2022 is a unique curriculum as it is the first curriculum in Wales to be created by the process of co-construction; bringing many experts together to look at learning.  We agreed that it was imperative that we follow this model when creating our vision. To move forward, and be ready for CfW 2022, looked at our current vision and asked all stakeholders:

  • To what extent do the four purposes describe our school’s vision for the future of the young people of Trallwn?
  • Does our school’s vision need to be revisited in this context?
  • Are there any aspects of the four purposes that our existing curriculum does not provide young people the opportunity to access/experience?

We used our learner voice group, ‘Curriculum Designers’ to guide the school vision by reflecting on the current one and the four purposes.  We asked them to think about why they came to school and which skills they wished to have when they leave Trallwn Primary School.

Due to Covid restrictions, we were unable to run family workshops, so we utilised the HWB Google suite by making a questionnaire to share the four purposes alongside our current and revised vision with families and governors to request feedback.

We wanted to make our new School Vision accessible for all learners so our Curriculum Designers created a vision video using Adobe Spark, choosing images to represent statements and recording the narration.

Trallwn Primary School Values

In Trallwn Primary School all learners, staff and our community will be:




We hope this website provides you with the information you require about our school. You are most welcome to arrange a visit and our pupils would be delighted to show you what makes Trallwn Primary School such a vibrant, happy and unique place. Our work is based around the unwavering belief that our community will live with positive values and behaviours, and will develop their skills and aspirations to live happy and successful futures. Trallwn Primary School is a Rights Respecting School.

Thank you for your interest.

Diolch yn fawr a cofion gorau,

Ms Rebecca Barker BA(Ed) PGDip NPQH MCCT




2017 Our vision statement is:

“When we leave Trallwn Primary School, we would like to be proud and happy global citizens. Trallwn School will have taught us to be motivated, healthy and active learners, with good self-esteem and life skills. We will be confident, resilient and respectful to everyone. When we leave we will be ambitious, bilingual and creative learners, ready for anything.”

Written by our fantastic pupils, their voice is very important to us here at Trallwn, and the dedicated and committed staff work tirelessly to ensure our key values are continuously upheld:

Thinking Team Players

Resilience and Respect

Ambition and Independence

Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence

Lifelong Bilingual Learning

Worldwide Citizens

Nurturing Wellbeing and Inclusion