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Miss Betts

Sadly Miss Betts is leaving us after 30 years! I’m sure you will all join me in wishing her the best in her new role. The children had lots of fun, and some tears saying farewell to a Trallwn stalwart.

Miss Betts
Miss Betts is sadly leaving, 
After 30 years with us, 
Her time at Trallwn Primary 
Has certainly been a blast.

Her laughter filled the hallways, 
Her wisdom like a guide, 
She nurtured every child's dream, 
With love she couldn't hide.

In classrooms bright with learning, 
She sparked imagination's flame, 
Encouraging young minds to soar, 
In the pursuit of their own aim.

With patience as her virtue, 
And kindness as her creed, 
She taught us more than just subjects, 
But the values we all need.

A wicked sense of humour,
Hiding things from staff,
When Miss Betts is nearby,
You’ll always have a laugh

Though she's leaving now, 
Her legacy will remain, 
In every heart she touched, 
Her spirit will sustain.

So, let's bid farewell with gratitude, 
For the memories that will last, 
Goodluck in the DVLA,
Just please don’t drive too fast

The children and staff performed a poem for Miss Betts which I’m sure you will agree expresses how we all feel about her. The staff shared anecdotes about her time at Trallwn such as the time the time she had the school minibus recovered after spending 30 minutes trying to get it to start, using her own car keys.

Hwyl fawr Miss, we will all miss you,

Pob lwc

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